Rapid Antigen Test Kits for Business

Rapid Antigen Test Kits for business

We now have rapid antigen test kits available for businesses that have registered for the federal program.

These rapid test kits allow small- and medium-sized organizations to conduct workplace testing for their employees. Each kit contains 25 Panbio® COVID-19 tests. The tests are essentially free to employers. We pay $4/kit to bring these in for you. The charge to businesses will be $14/kit, which helps to offset the cost for us to administer the program. We provide training on how to use, interpret and dispose of tests kits, and we need to report the number of kits we dispense to registered companies each week.

If your company (or employer) is interested in ordering test kits through our pharmacy, please call to let us know how many kits you will be picking up. We are limited in how many kits we can order each day, so this will help us ensure we are prepared to meet your needs.

How to register and get kits

Small and medium organizations (10 to 199 employees) can access rapid COVID-19 tests from pharmacies for workplace testing initiatives. Register your organization online through the Health Canada registration page.

Review and sign the BC Letter of Agreement and email it to  [email protected]. You will receive a confirmation email. Please keep the email for the pharmacist to review.

Review Abbott Panbio™ COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (nasal) guidelines and requirements and competency assessment/checklist in Appendix I. Print a copy of the competency assessment.

We are one of only two participating pharmacies in the Comox Valley. Bring your competency assessment to the pharmacy and we will help you complete the assessment. Keep the competency assessment as verification that your organization has completed the required training and demonstrated the necessary competency to perform a workplace symptomatic testing program.

Please visit the federal program website for further details.

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