Many Contraceptive Options are Now Free

BC Free Contraception

Starting April 1, 2023, PharmaCare is now paying for many prescription contraceptives for any B.C. resident. A prescription is required for oral contraceptive pills, copper and hormonal IUDs, hormone injection, and hormone implant. No prescription is needed for the morning-after pill, which is also fully covered. Non-prescription contraceptives (e.g., condoms) are not covered by PharmaCare.

Contraceptives can be prescribed for any reason (including non-contraceptive use, such as osteoporosis prevention). No special authority is required for alternative uses.

Some products are only partially covered (for example, if you choose to use the brand name product). Prescribers have been asked to prescribe fully covered contraceptives (or switch a prescription to one that is fully covered). Below is a list of the available options and expected coverage.


Oral Contraceptives

  • Alysena, Aviane (Alesse brand name is only partially covered)
  • Apri, Freya, Mirvala (Marvelon brand name is only partially covered)
  • Brevicon
  • Jencycla, Movisse
  • Linessa
  • Mya (Yaz brand name is only partially covered)
  • Ovima, Portia (Min-Ovral brand name is only partially covered)
  • Synphasic
  • Tri-Cira, Tri-Jordyna
  • Tricira-Lo
  • Triquilar
  • Zamine (Yasmin brand name is only partially covered)

Intrauterine Devices

  • Flexi-T
  • Liberté
  • Mona Lisa
  • Kyleena
  • Mirena

Hormone Injection

  • Depo-Provera

Hormone Implant

  • Nexplanon

Emergency Oral Contraceptives

  • Contingency One, Backup Plan
  • One-Step (Plan B brand name is only partially covered)

Ask your pharmacist about available options if your current contraception is not covered.

Learn more about the contraceptives program by visiting BC PharmaCare’s website or watching their YouTube video about the program.

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