Cold Sore Management

Managing pesky cold sores

Do you have cold sores that keep coming back? Looking for more info on how to manage the pain and irritation that come with them? We’ve got all the information on how to prevent, treat, and reduce transmission of cold sores.

flu vaccinations comox valley

Roll Up Your Sleeves for Another Shot or Two!

Starting October 11, you’ll be able to get your flu vaccination. Are you wondering how to book your appointment? Curious about the vaccines and which one is right for you? We’ve got answers to these and other questions.

A Prescription for Exercise

A Prescription for Exercise

If you could make a lifestyle change that reduced your risk of chronic disease by as much as 80%, would you do it? If not, what’s holding you back? We’ve got suggestions for changes that will improve your long-term health.

Eczema. Not JustEczema. Not Just Dry Skin. Dry Skin.

Eczema. Not Just Dry Skin.

Moisturizing is an integral part of eczema management, but how do you choose the best moisturizer? What are all those ingredients and what do they do? When and how often should you apply moisturizer?

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